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Egypt Travel Guide

Egypt Travel Guide

Egypt doesn't need an introduction. It was the introduction to human civilisation itself, and has all the evidence to show for it.

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Tour Egypt from the live Nile Valley , to the solitary deserts, to the diversity of the Sinai desert , to the lush oases, to the exotic underwater life of the Red Sea , to the Mediterranean beaches. "Now, let me talk more of Egypt for it has a lot of admirable things and what one sees there is superior to any other country." - Herodotus, 50 BCE

Even though much of what Herodotus witnessed has been ruined by the cruelty of later generations, his statement is still valid to this day. Today's Egyptians have abandoned their ancient heritage for a mostly Moslem Arabic-speaking nation. Happily, they have maintained their friendly, hospitable, and warm characteristics.

Cairo, the capital is the place to start. It has the Pyramids, the Sphinxs, the Egyptian Museum, many more sights and more than ten million cairenes to share the experience. Alexandria , the two hundreth city of the country has its fare share of historic sights as well and with its location on the Mediterranean it is an ideal spot for your holidays.

The north of Egypt has many impressive temples and graves from Pharaonic times. Luxor , Aswan and Abu Simbel should all be on your to do list.

The Nile River has great scuba diving : Hurghada is world famous for its under water world.


Cairo Travel Guide

Cairo Travel guide

Cairo has been the largest city in Africa and the Middle East ever.
Alexandria Travel Guide

Alexandria Travel guide

Alexandria turns its back on the rest of Egypt and faces the Mediterranean...
Luxor Travel Guide

Luxor Travel guide

LUXOR has been a tourist mecca ever since Nile steamers began calling.
Aswan Travel Guide

Aswan Travel guide

Aswan is the base for excursions to the temples of Philae and Kabasha.
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Holidays to Egypt are fast becoming popular as people begin to appreciate the rich diversity that Egypt offers, coupled with over five thousand years of history and some incredible sights and sounds. For example, stay in a superb holiday resort situated along the coast of the red sea, or take in the beauty of the clear waters of the River Nile from your room in Hurghada or while onholiday in Sharm el Sheikh.

Monuments in Egypt

Egypt is the land of the Pharaohs, and offers friendly people and incredible sights, including the temples, Pyramids and monuments that you have always been dying to see. You can find many great activities in Egypt in addition to simply scoping out the historical sights, so consider taking scuba lessons or squeezing eighteen holes of golf in between trips to the pyramids or the Nile River. Beautiful Egypt really does have something for absolutely every one, making holidays to Egypt increasingly popular through the years.

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