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Approaches to Alexandria

The town of Alexandria is easily reached from Cairo, with a choice of service taxi, bus, train or plane. Buses and service taxis offer 2 routes to Alexandria, travelling by the flat and dreary Desert, the distance is(about 225km).

The best buses from Cairo, which do the journey in 3 hours, are operated by the Superjet company. The fastest trains, A/C Spanish and Turbini services, take just over 2 hours and both leave 3 times daily. There is also the slightly slower French service that has nine daily departures, takes 40 minutes longer and costs 30% less. Service taxis do the run in about 3 hours, their advantage being that they leave all through the day, as soon as they're full; in Cairo both car- and minibus-taxis cluster outside Ramses Station, on Koulali Square and around the Ahmed Helmi bus terminal, their drivers bawling " Iskandariya! Iskandariya! ". Getting to Alexandria from other parts of Egypt, buses and/or service taxis are your best bet. Transport from the Delta and the Canal Zone is fairly regular; from the Nile Valley, daily buses run from Beni Suef.

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