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Eating and Drinking in Alexandria

Eat in Alexandria

Egyptian cuisine is delicious and excellent, combining many of the best traditions of Middle Eastern cooking, and there are both large hotel restaurants and smaller specialist ones throughout the main cities. In Alexandira there are also a wide variety of restaurants catering to local and international styles. One of the most famous is called Elite, and it was the favourite of Alexandria.

National specialties

• Kebabs
• Stuffed vine leaves
• Humus (chickpeas)
• Foul (bean dishes)
• Grilled aubergines
• Roast pigeon

Drinking in Alexandria

The Visitors and Travellers to Alexandria usually complain that it can be hard to find a decent drinking venue in the town, what a change from the bars and nightclubs that used to fill the town before and after the war. Recommend the poshest café in Alexandria is famed for apparently the best om ali (bread and butter pudding) in Egypt.

National drinks

• Aswanli (dark beer made in Aswan)
• Kahwa (thick, strong coffee)
• Zibib (alcoholic aniseed-flavored drink)
• Karkaday (clear, bright red drink made from hibiscus flowers)
• Shay bil na'na' (mint tea)

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