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The city of Alexandria speak exactly the same Egyptian Arabic as in Cairo. Most of these expressions are dated or used only by old generations. As new generations in Alexandria never use them, and if ever used, then only to joke around or to make fun of a specific situation.


Rhymes with "kenny" but with a G, not "gweni", The "Alexandrian" pronunciation of the word "gueneih" ("gueneih" is Cairene pronunciation). This one largely differentiates Alexandrians from Cairenes.

Talking in plural

Older Alexandrians (especially fishermen) are famous of talking in plural using "we" to refer to themselves. For example, if one person is talking, he/she says "nakol" meaning "we eat", instead of "akol" meaning "I eat".


Was originally used by fishermen in the past. Ayyouh!" (interjection): A dated expression used (usually by women) when something embarrassing, surprising or a little bit annoying happens. It has no actual significance and usually added to water down the whole situation or to add more "femininity" to the sentence when used by women.


Is a dated expression used when something bad, surprising or confusing happens. People who use it should be careful when talking with Cairenes, because it totally sounds like another very rude word used in Cairo used when something very bad happens. The rude word in Cairo is never used by educated people, and those who use it are looked down upon.

The word Iskindireyya

Used in formal texts and speech. Its slang/informal equivalent is "Iskindireyya(h)" and "Iskandareyya(h)" are different in pronunciation and when written in English, though they have the same spelling when written in Arabic.

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