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Area: 1,002,000 sq km (386,874 sq miles).

Capital: Cairo (El Qahira). Population: Around of 18 million (2007 estimate).

Language: Arabic is the official language. French and English are widely spoken.

Population Density: 74.8 per sq km.

Population: 78.9 million (UN, 2007).

Religion: According to the 1986 census, over 94 per cent of the population follows Islam; the majority of the rest is Christian. All types of Christianity are represented, especially the Coptic Christian Church. There is also a small Jewish minority.

Government: Republic. Head of State: President Muhammad Hosni Mubarak since 1981.

Internet: There are Internet cafes in the main towns, including Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor and Dahab. Tourists can also access the Internet in hotels.

Mobile telephone: Roaming exist with several international mobile phone companies. Coverage is limited to Cairo, Alexandria and along the north coast line of the Red Sea from Suez to Sharm el-Sheikh and the major cities along the Nile.

Post: The postal system is efficient for international mail. Airmail takes about five days to western Europe, and eight to 10 days to the USA. All post offices are open daily 0830-1500 except Friday, and the Central Post Office in Cairo is open 24 hours.

Telephone: Full IDD is available. Country code: 20.

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