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Shopping in Alexandria

There are several shopping malls in Alexandria. Zahran Mall is excellent and has a big variety of selection of films. Mina Mall and Deeb Mall are also worth a mention. 2006 has also seen the opening of San Stefano a Grand Plaza, with an excellent selection of shops.

Shopping in Alexandria:

Also the town has several markets in the traditional Islamic style, and trinket stores tucked away in the dusty back alleys. Also there are several street vendors, although they can sometimes be slightly intimidating.

If you are up for a good bargain, there is no one better to haggle with though!.

Mina Mall in Alexandria
The town also has a particularly good range of bookshops, some of which specialise in international books and magazines in a variety of languages.

Usually in Egypt, the most interesting shopping area for tourists is located in the Cairo is the old bazaar, Khan-el-Khalili, specializing in reproductions of antiquities. copper utensils, spices, Jewelry and Coptic cloth are some of the many special items.

However also there are modern shopping centers available, particularly near Tehrir Square. Haggling is expected, and sometimes encouraged, as a way of communication and human contact.

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