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Arabic Language

Usually the people who visit Egypt have little problems with communications because those working in the tourist sector are normally adept in at least many different languages. Habitually, most of them speak some English, and many of them fluently. French is also a traditional language, but so too is German and Italian. However less common, are the Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Russian languages, but of course there are specialized guides that are also fluent in most any language, who accompany various tours.

However, if one escapes the confines of a tour group and ventures out into normal Egyptian neighborhoods, some command of the local language of Egypt is very helpful. Upscale restaurants, shops and other establishments will normally have multilingual personnel, but several common Egyptians one comes into contact with may only have such communication skills.

Egyptian dialect of Modern Arabic

The official language of Egypt is the Egyptian dialect of Modern Arabic. Today, Arabic ranks as the sixth most common language with an estimated 186 million native speakers. Furthermore, as the language of the Qur'an, the holy book of Islam, it is also widely understood throughout the Muslim world, even in countries where Arabic is not the native language. The Egyptian colloquial Arabic is spoken by some 50 million people, mostly in Egypt.

For example:
inta/inti aarif il-inglezi? = "Do you (male/female) know English?".
jim is pronounced g instead of j.

However, the Arabic Language is written from right to left. It has its own alphabet, different from the Roman alphabet used for English.

For communication purposes while travelling and using this guide, it is very important to note that Arabic is divided into Classic Arabic (mostly used in print) and Colloquial Arabic.

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