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Assyut Travel Guide

Assyut is the largest city in Upper Egypt and lies about 234 miles south of the town of Cairo. Assyut an old town which was first settled in pharaonic times, then the capital of the 13 Nome of Upper Egypt and named Syut. Later, the Greeks renamed it Lycopolis which means 'town of the wolf'. This was due to the importance of the Jackal gods Wepwawet and Anubis. Although the town was of considerable strategic value in its position between Upper and Lower Egypt, it somehow managed to stay clear of national importance as a capital.

Today, Assyut is the place where the Egyptian police has most trouble upholding guaranties for visitors' safety. The line of militant Islamism which has its centre in the city of Assyut, is the one killing Sadat in 1981, and the one that moved to USA with shaykh Omar Abdu r-Rahman, and believed to have been responsible for the bombing of World Trade Center in New York in 1993.

However the reports are fairly few on Western tourists having been killed in the city of Assyut, this has only to do with precautions from the tourists themselves. However you might not be losing all to much. The city of Assyut was worth visiting earlier, but there are several far better places in Egypt that has as much and more to offer. But for every 1000 tourist, there is one fascinated by danger, and he or she couldn't do better in Egypt, than visiting Assyut.

One of the results of the turmoil of the city of Assyut, is that communications are affected. Normally cruises on the Nile, travellers on trains, and those heading out to the oases along the old Nile, like Bahariya, all have to pass through Assyut. All I can say, for the time being, is: Make your stay in Assyut as short as possible, and I hope you don't miss that last train out from Assyut.

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