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Eating & Drinking

Eating is a bit boring in the city of Assyut, as most of the nice restaurants are inside the hotels only. But in general quality is the good Egyptian one, and there are many cheap places spread around the town of Assyut as well.

Usually in the city of Assyut all the larger hotels incorporate restaurants, and while none is anything special, you can get a decent pizza or escalope at the Akhenaten or a grill at the Badr, which serves wine as well as beer. Habitually you can also find beer and standard Egyptian meals at the Cafeteria Majestic, situated opposite the train station, while the Restaurant Sonesta on Sharia Nour serves roast chicken and mezzes, Egyptian-style pizzas can be enjoyed at Pizza Class on Sharia 26th July. For cheaper eats, the commercial district and the area around the train station abound in places selling shawarma sandwiches, kushari, fuul or taamiya.

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