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Getting Assyut

The city of Assyut has as a central Nile town, first class connections going both ways along the river. However the city of Assyut has also the only connections south of Cairo and north of everything, with the oases in the west.

Usually a dozen of the trains per day make the 375km run to Cairo 5 to 7hr, stopping at Mallawi 2hr, Minya 3hr and Beni Suef 5hr along the way. Heading south, half a dozen trains call at Sohag 2hr, Qena 4hr and Luxor 6hr in route to assyut 12hr.

However also, there are many daily buses to Cairo 4 to 7hr, Qena 4hr and Luxor, plus half-hourly services to Sohag or Minya 2hr between 6am & 6pm. You'll have to check exactly when the four daily buses to Kharga Oasis 4hr leave, and which one continues on to Dakhla 7 or 8hr).

Usually in the morning, it is easier to reach Kharga by shared service taxi around of 4hr, from the depot south of the station. However the service taxis also run to every city along the Valley between Minya and Qena, and a few points further afield.

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