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Getting around Assyut

Usually the police prefer tourists to leave by train, and so they don't restrict them to any particular service. About 20 trains a day run to Cairo 5 to 7hr, stopping at Mallawi 2hr, Minya 3hr and Beni Suef 5hr along the way, while a dozen services call at Sohag 2hr, Qena 4hr and Luxor 6hr en route to Aswan 12hr.

Also if you're allowed to use buses, they run more or less hourly to Cairo 6 to 7hr, Qena or Sohag, every 2 hours to Minya; twice daily to Alexandria 7am and 7pm, 10hr; and once to Luxor and Aswan at 8am.

Usually, there are 7 buses daily to Kharga 4hr between 7am and 10pm, one of which runs onto Dakhla Oasis 7 to 8hr, and there may also be 2 services daily to Hurghada 9am and 8pm in the summer. While the police might allow you to catch a service to Kharga 4hr, the service taxis that run to every city along the Valley between Minya and Qena will probably be out of bounds.

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