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Kalabsha Temple: The temple of Kalabsha and its surrounding ruins were moved by UNESCO to save them from the floodwaters of Lake Nasser. However the main temple was built to the Nubian fertility and sun god Marul during the rule of Emperor Augustus. Don't miss the Kiosk of Qirtasi and the amazing Temple of Beit al Wali built by Ramesses II.

The High Dam: The Aswan High Dam is a vast structural, is located on the river Nile, just south of the town of Aswan in Egypt. As one of the great engineering feats of the late twenty century, the city of Aswan High Dam is a great attraction for Egyptians and foreign travelers alike.

Philae Temple: It was built to honor Isis, and the construction began in approx 690 BC. However, it was moved from its original location on Philae Island, to its new location on Agilkia Island, after the flooding of Lake Nasser. Actually you can see the submerged original island a short distance away, punctuated by the steel columns used in the moving process.

Don't miss the Sound and Light show at night, see picture to the right, the least cheesy of the Sound and Light. On your feet, look out for the extremely creative guards who will do all in their power to get in your photos, or to point out the hieroglpyhs that you can quite clearly see yourself.

Kalabsha Temple
Kalabsha Temple
The High Dam - Aswan
The High Dam

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