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Eating and Drinking in Aswan

Eating out in the city of Aswan offers variety of plates in fresh fish and also some nubian dishes such as okra in spicy tomato sauce. But you won't find any French food, and Chinese or Italian cuisine is limited to a few big hotels. Also the bazaar is good for street food, with fuul and liver sandwiches sold near the station end of the street, and fruit and nuts on every corner. Also, there are simple cafés for chicken and fish meals or kushari, and the usual array of juice bars and coffee houses.

In Aswan all the Corniche places are open till around midnight, the cafés in the bazaar may close earlier at around 10 or 11pm and the cheapest place for drinking is the bar in the Oscar Hotel.

Drink in Aswan

The city of Aswan is much less strict on drinking alcohol than Luxor or Cairo, and several of the restaurants sell Stella (Egyptian brand not the Belgian brand) and Saqqara, both of which are lagers and comparable to European beers.

Some cheap Eats

Aswan Moon

Found on the Corniche and is distinguished by its castle. It is got a mock castle gate and floating extension. Cool by day, loud and lively in the night, a place to meet felucca captains and hear Nubian music. Do try the fish, chicken, veggie nosh and kab hala, all at very reasonable price. It is always fun here.

El Medina

Situated in Sharia al-Souk, near the Cleopatra Hotel. It is Egyptian nosh is excellent, and unbeatable value. Chicken, rice, veggies, tahina, bread, salads and Coke. No alcohol.

Aswan Panorama

Located on the Corniche waterfront opposite Duty Free. It serves a wide range of starters, so-called vegetarian dishes, iced drinks and herbal teas.


Located on the riverside, opposite Thomas Cook. Has many pleasant terraces, okay for drinking beer, but the food is often poorly cooked, and is Inexpensive.

Mona Lisa

Situated near the Aswan Moon. A sweatbox during the summer, with painfully slow service at lunchtime, but the food is okay and the fruit juice cocktails delicious. Prices are lower than at the Aswan.

Old Cataract Buffet

Located on the hotel terrace from 4pm to sunset. Earl Grey tea, sandwiches and cakes, after sunset the terrace is free for non-residents.

Bars and Clubs:

Rowing Clubs

Situated on the Corniche. Think about drinking on the rooftop terrace of the Police Rowing Club, but avoid eating at the other ones at all costs!.

Ramses Hotel

Also on the Corniche, usually runs a nightly disco 22:00 hours to 02:00 hours year round, it is usually free of charge to non residents. The beers here are a bit pricey.

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