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Folklore in Aswan

Folklore in Aswan:

The city of Aswan is distinguished by its traditional customs, Aswan is an international name in the field of tourism and ancient Egyptian monument, has a number of tribes each of which has its own traditions and customs. One of the traditions of Aswan is the Nubian art, is considered an outcome of Egyptian and Sudanese cultures representing the northern and southern of the Nile Valley. However to protect and revive such folk traditions, the Aswan troupe was created to reflect this great heritage. Folklore in Aswan

The troupe uses ancient musical insical instruments, which accompany the many dances. The troupe started its performances in October 1975, with a number of folk dances representing several customs and traditions of the region.

From October to May the troupe gives its performances at the Aswan Cultural palace. From May to July, the troupe tours the city and villages of the all Egypt.

Dam Day

Dam Day (January 15): The Corniche witnesses a good natured parade of civic and military hardware, fire engines and ambulances following jeep loads of perspiring frogmen and rubber suited decontamination troops. To appreciate the joke, catch the farcical orgy of drilling and polishing that transpires outside the Police Department and the Governorate Building the day before.

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