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Getting around Aswan

Some most important considerations with onward trip are likely to be restrictions for foreigners, security measures in force at time of writing remain subject to change.

Flights: For people who has a lot of money, EgyptAir does flights to Luxor (45min, price $56), Cairo (90min, price $169) and Abu Simbel (30min, price $85). The prices quoted are one-way fares, but except for Abu Simbel, which is usually visited on a day return ticket that includes transfers between the temple and the airport. Many charter companies such as Luxor Air, Scarabee, Pharaoh and Orca now run flights to Abu Simbel for around $5 to 10 less than EgyptAir, but flights are subject to demand and, as such, are less reliable than EgyptAir.

Buses: In the city of Aswan the slower public buses feel safer than taxis and also have their own drawbacks. However, the police have decreed that tourists may only ride in buses in the convoy, so you may not be allowed to buy tickets for several of the buses between Aswan and Luxor, which stop at each town en route, or are "expresses" that only call at Kom Ombo , Edfu and Esna. Usually there are only 2 direct A/C buses from Aswan to Cairo (13hr), leaving at 3.30pm (ŁE55) and 6.30pm (ŁE50). Also the travellers bound for the Red Sea Coast or Sinai can use one of the 5 daily buses which go to Hurghada.

Trains: It is only worth using trains for long hauls. There are 6 daily services to the city of Luxor, which continue on to the city of Cairo, but tourists are only allowed to buy tickets for 2 of these trains (departing at 5am and 8.45pm), while the only sleeper service open to them is the deluxe wagons lits, leaving at 5.15pm. Several tourists economize by travelling on a regular train, as both 1st and A/C 2nd class have comfortable seating that makes an overnight journey quite tolerable.

Private And Service Taxis in Aswan

In the town of Aswan the convoy rule usually applies to the private taxis to Kom Ombo and also other points north of Aswan, but if you are renting a special taxi for an excursion, be prepared to start with the police convoy even if you quit it later. The main service taxi depot beyond the train tracks serves Darow and Kom Ombo, Edfu, Esna, Luxor and other points north. However Aswan environs, Hazan/the Old Dam (50pt) and points south are served by a smaller depot on a side street around the corner from the Abu Simbel Hotel.

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