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The Nubian Museum

The Nubian Museum

The Nubia Museum harbors the history of the "Land of Gold" as the word Nubia in the Hieroglyphic, language of ancient Egypt in which pictorial symbols. The Nubian Museum celebrates the culture and civilization of the Nubian region of Egypt from prehistoric times to the present. It is located in the city of Aswan, on the eastern bank of the Nile, 899 kilometres south of Cairo.

The Nubian museum is a 3 storey building with an outdoor exhibition area.
The Nubian Museum

It houses the main finds of the UNESCO salvage campaign carried out at the time of the building of the High Dam, which eventually flooded that whole region. Another major exhibit is a diorama which shows the daily life of Nubian villagers. It's a community museum with an education section that organizes trips, lectures and workshops for schoolchildren, and cultural events for the public at large.

In the year of 1960, when Egypt built the High Dam in Aswan, Egyptologists and archaeologists the world over heeded UNESCO's appeal to salvage the monuments of Egyptian Nubia before the rising waters of Lake Nasser submerged them forever. However more than 60 expeditions ultimately joined the "Nubian Rescue Campaign", which resulted in the excavation and recording of hundreds of sites, the recovery of thousands of objects, and the salvage and translocation of a number of important temples to higher ground.

Nubia Museum information

Nubian Museum, 1997
Nubian Antiquities Salvage Fund, Supreme Council of Antiquities
Architect: Mahmoud Al-Hakim
Consultants: The Arab Bureau for Design and Technical
Landscape Architects: Werkmeister, M. Heimer, Laila Al-Masry Stino

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