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The Temple of Edfu

The Temple of Edfu :

Edfu is situated 60Km to the north of Aswan and the town of Edfu, on the west bank of the Nile 56km south of Esna, actually is today an important centre for sugar production and pottery-making.

The modern city derives its name from the ancient Egyptian Djeba which was established on a mound on the east bank. The site of Edfu Tell was known as Wetjeset-hor (classical name Apollinopolis Magna), the place where the god Horus,
The Temple of Edfu

was worshipped and where the battle between Horus and his traditional enemy Seth in ancient mythology took place.

Actually the Temple of Edfu is the best preserved temple in Egypt. It was begun built in 327 b.c. by Ptolemy III, and was in use till "the end", with construction continued by Queen Cleopatra VII, the last queen of Egypt. It is a relatively young temple.

The began of the Temple of Edfu is probably date back to the second intermediate period, however the actual Temple of Edfu only dates back to Ptolemaic times and the work of construction began during the reign of Ptolemy III (about 237 BC) and was finished during the reign of Ptolemy IV. Also some other additions were made by other Ptolemaic Kings, and Roman Emperor Augustus. The construction of this Temple and its additions, inscriptions, and relief’s took about 180 years!

The temple of Edfu consists of traditional elements of Egyptian Temples of the New Kingdom, together with a few Greek elements, such as the Mamisi, which is located to the west of the main entrance of the Temple (Mamisi means “house of the divine birth”). It consists of an entrance, a court and chapel. The walls of the mamisi are decorated with scenes showing the story of the divine birth of Horus the child, in the presence of the Goddess Hathor, the God Khenoum and other deities who were concerned with pregnancy and birth.

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