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Bawiti Travel Guide

Bawiti Travel Guide

Bawiti is a city in central Egypt, the largest settlement in the Bahariya Oasis with some (30,000 inhabitants). Actually the city center is modern, while outside the center are mud brick houses. Recently, the city has received considerable press due to the find of a huge (possibly the largest) necropolis of mommies from the Greco Roman era.

Also the city of Bawiti harbours a picturesque nucleus of old houses on a ridge overlooking luxuriant palm groves, however that's not what you see on arrival. Normally the lower ground beside the city of Cairo Farafra road is littered with half finished New Valley projects, disrupting donkey traffic but not the ramshackle shops and cafés that enliven Bawiti's "strip".

The Oasis Heritage Museum in Bawiti: Situated in the city of Bawiti, Bahariya Oasis, the Oasis Heritage Museum provides a history of living in desert oasis. There are displays of clothing and jewelry, along with clay figures engaged in typical oasis activities.

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