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The City of Bawiti

In Bawiti there are several ancient sites around the city of Bawiti, the principal city of the oasis. Since Bahariya's fame which came with the discovery of the 'Valley of the Golden Mummies', however some of the other monuments are now beginning to open up to visitors. At the Antiquities Department in Bawiti, visitors can buy one ticket which gives access to most of the open sites, with the exception of the 'Golden Mummies' tombs. Also Behind the Antiquities Department a small museum housed in a former warehouse contains five of the gilded Graeco-Roman mummies preserved in glass cases, as well as a small collection of other artefacts found in the oasis.

Bawiti ancient ruins

Actually, the ancient ruins still visible in the streets of the city of Bawiti is an impressive system of aqueducts, and runs for almost 3km through the city to gardens and a spring called Ain el-Hubaga. The spring and the aqueducts, which would have supplied water to the town in ancient times for use in the cultivation of crops, were still in use until the twenty century.

It's usually assumed that the aqueducts are Roman in origin, however Ahmed Fakhry believed them to date back at least as far as Dynasty XXVI and were probably extended during the Roman occupation. Several of the ventilation shafts can be seen amongst the houses at Ain el-Hubaga.

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