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Eating and Drinking in Bawiti

Eating out in Bawiti is unexciting, as in most of the oases. Usually the grilled chicken, salad and rice can be had at many of the hotels and campgrounds, but most visitors gravitate to Bawiti's Popular Restaurant, which cooks one set meal a day of soup, vegetable stew, lamb, rice and salad, all by only £E20, sells beer, and acts as the nerve centre of gossip and tourism in the oasis.

Also the nearby Titanic Café serves only soft drinks, and the Rashid Restaurant is better for its desserts and shishas than its meals, so the only alternative is a nameless grilled chicken place in the bazaar at the western end of the main street, where there are many more tea and shisha dens, including the Hillal Coffeeshop that doubles as a bus stop.

Besides the Popular Restaurant, you can buy beer at the Oasis Panorama, International Hot Spring and Palm Valley hotels, which also have spirits and wine, and Ahmed Safari, Bir el-Ghaba and Eden Valley campgrounds.

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