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Getting around Bawiti

Usually, you can get a bus to the city of Cairo from opposite the Paradise Hotel in Bawiti, around of 6hr and price between E12 o 14 at 7am and 3pm daily, those starting from Farafra on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday leave Bawiti at around 3pm. However there may also be service taxis from the Popular Restaurant at 8am and mid-afternoon, terminating in Cairo's Saiyida Zeinab quarter, price between E10 and 15 per person.

Also there is a direct road to Siwa Oasis (420km) you'd be hard pressed to find a local driver prepared to risk it for under E600, nor enough fellow travellers to bring the cost down to an affordable level. Usually the people with their own car (preferably 4WD) may use it, but should exercise caution, the road is in bad condition with no facilities whatsoever, only checkpoints at intervals. Habitually, you simply have to register your passport and licence with Military Intelligence in Bawiti, but you should enquire at the tourist office in case the rules have changed.

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