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Eating and Drinking in Cairo

Eating in Cairo

Cairo has several restaurants, catering to most needs. Cheap food can be found everywhere in street restaurants and snack stalls. Usually the borders between restaurants and cafes are not crystal-clear in the Egyptian capital. In several places it is perfectly acceptable to just have a drink or sheesha.

The best food are served in the grand hotels, particularly the Moghul Room at the Mena House Oberoi, Sabaya in the Semiramis InterContinental, and the Nubian Village at the Grand Hyatt. Egypt is a largely Muslim country, so several restaurants do not serve alcohol. But in Cairo, an international town, there are plenty of places for a cocktail.

Asian food

The city of Cairo has a growing number of Western fast food outlets available these are, incidentally, some of the best places to see young Cairenes relaxing together, as fast food restaurants are apparently considered amongst the hippest places to hang out. Pîzza Hut, McDonalds, KFC and Hardees are spread about the town.


Cairo’s restaurant scene is looking better every year. In addition to the several Egyptian restaurants in all price ranges, this town is an excellent place to sample other Middle Eastern cuisines. Usually the Fresh fish, ordered by the pound from a display and cooked to order, is a local specialty. Cairo now boasts fine French, Swiss, Italian and Asian restaurants. Muslims do not eat pork, and few restaurants serve it. Alcohol is also forbidden to strict Muslims; however, most restaurants serve at least wine and beer.

Some Resturants in Cairo

• Blues is located in Al-Nil St. (Giza, Cairo), Tel: +20 2 335 5552
• Aubergine is located in 5 Shar'a Sayed al-Bakry. (Zamalek, Cairo), Tel: +20 2 340 6550
• Andrea is located in El Haram Road, Cairo, Tel: +20 2 383 1133
• El-Omda is located in6 al-Gazar St. (Mohandiseen, Cairo), Tel: +20 2 345 2387
• Le Chateau is located in Al-Nast building, al-Nil St. (Giza, Cairo), Tel: +20 2 348-5321
• Justine is located in 4 Shar'a Hassan Sabri. (Zamalek, Cairo), Tel: +20 2 736 2961
• Rossini is located in 66 Shar'a Omar Ibn al-Khattab. (Heliopolis, Cairo) Tel: +20 2 291 8282
• La Bodega is located in Balmoral Hotel, 157 Shar'a 26 Yulyu. (Zamalek, Cairo), Tel: +20 2 340 0543

Drinking in Cairo

The town of Cairo has a wide range of drinking options from the very traditional to fashionable and modern. At the other end of the scale, almost any street in Cairo has a traditional coffee house.

Coffee Houses

Cairo remains one of the best towns in the world to sample the traditional coffee house culture of the region. However for several, the sheesha, or water pipe, is the main attraction of any visit to a Cairene coffee house. It's generally available in at least 2 varieties, muassal, pure tobacco, and tofah, apple-flavored.

Modern Cafes

Modern cafes are spread out around the town. Usually they serve light food like salad and sandwiches in addition to pastries and coffees. Several of these places are chains, Beanies, Coffee Roastery, like Cilantro and The Bakery. However also these places, offer wireless internet connection as well.

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