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Cairo Nightlife

The city of Cairo comes alive at night and has always been famous for its nightlife. And although some of it is a bit rundown, although all the bellydancers are from Russia and although the Gulf Arabs coming over for weekend brides are not your favourite clientele, there is still a lot of fun to be had at night. Also it is the best time to shop, eat delicious Middle Eastern cuisine, or simply watch the world go by from a pavement cafe'. You can dine in a floating restaurant on the Nile, sample a shisha at a coffee-shop or see oriental dancers and cabarets at a luxury hotel.

Shopping in Cairo

One of the pleasures of Cairo is to get lost in the bazaars and take in the sights, smells and sounds of life in all its chaos and glory. You can shop for carpets, books, shoes, camels and veils or whatever else takes your fancy. Leave your valuables behind in your hotel and immerse yourself in a world that has changed little in hundreds of years. For souvenirs most tourists or travellers head to Khan Al-Khalili one of the world's oldest bazaars. If you like haggling, this is the place for you. To get away from the souvenir shops head west and you'll have a more authentic souq experience. The main goods sold are gold, silver, cloth, perfume, copper and spices.

Some Places in Cairo

Cairo Jazz Club: Located in Midan Sphinx, Mohandiseen.
* Type: Clubs & Dancing
Casino d'Egypt: Located ih Helnan Shepheard Hotel, Corniche El Nil Downtown.
* Type: Casinos
Abdel Kader: Located in 156, 26th July St.Zamalek.
* Type: Bars and Pubs
Bulls Eye Pub: Located in 32 Jeddah Street .
* Type: Pubs
Movenpick Casino: Located in 12 El-Horreya St.
* Type: Casinos.

Opera House

The splendid Opera House complex houses many galleries (including the Museum of Modern Art), concert halls and restaurants. Listening to Arabic music under the stars, in the open-air theater, is a magical experience.

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