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Education in Egypt

Education has an important value for people in Egypt, they conceive it as a process to improve the knowledge that will help you face problems in life. Higher education is not restricted to the school or university, but to the lessons of life itself. Nevertheless schools and universities are considered important places to be brought up.

Significance of Education in Our Life

Education makes a great contribution to people and their lives, such as:
  • It allows you to learn about culture and history.
  • Education opens our mind and expands our horizons.
  • Education provides useful skills which one can face life challenges.
  • It helps you become more competitive
  • Education enables us to understand our duties and rights as citizens.

Education in Egypt

The Egyptian education is divided in three stages:
  • Basic education: it comprises primary school and the preparatory stage.
  • Secondary education.
  • Post secondary education.
Egyptian education is considered the most important of the Middle East and North Africa, which is why many renowned universities  with business schools offer university courses for students. Higher education is free in public universities, all Egyptian students only pay registration fees, private universities however are more expensive. If you are interested in apply for a teacher job in Egypt, you may consider download some teacher CV examples to inspire them.

Here are some of the most important Egyptian universities, located in the major cities in North area:
  • Cairo University
  • Alexandria University
  • Al-Azhar University

Other universities and educational centers in Egypt:

  • Ain Shams University
  • Assiut University
  • Aswan University
  • Banha University
  • Beni-Suef University
  • Damanhour University
  • Damietta University
  • Fayoum University
  • Helwan University
  • KFS - Kafrelsheikh University
  • MANS - Mansoura University
  • Military Technical College
  • Minia University
  • Minufiya University
  • Institute of Aviation Engineering and Technology
  • Port Said University
  • Sadat Academy for Management Sciences
  • Sohag University
  • SVU - South Valley University
  • SCU - Suez Canal University
  • Suez University
  • Tanta University
  • University of Sadat City
  • Zagazig University
To know more about these universities, look for University Rankings to get all kind of information about them. Other way to learn in Egypt can be study online, specially some technical skills and internet based knowledgement.

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