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Getting Around Egypt

The infrastructure for tourists and travellers is good. There are no problems finding space in shared taxis, trains or buses. Normally these are both frequent and cheap. The Shared taxis and Buses cover more destinations than trains, and are often more pleasant to use, even when they run parallel service to the railways. Habitually the trains are best in cases where you travel overnight, and want to be able to sleep.

By Bus

Normally Air conditioned buses link most parts of Egypt to Alexandria and Cairo. Also seats may be reserved up to 2 days in advance. There is also bus more cheap but non-air-conditioned. However although bus times may change without notice, departures are so frequent that schedule changes are not a problem.

By Rail

The Egyptian State Railway is founded in 1851 which services the entire Nile Valley down to Aswan, the Red Sea cities of Suez and Port Said, the Delta and Northern Coast cities of Alexandria (2 stops) and Mersa Matruh. Also there are at least half a dozen through trains a day on major routes. Fares are inexpensive, but unless one is traveling with a tour, tickets must be purchased at the main railway stations (in Cairo at the Ramses Station at Midan Ramses).

From the Airport

Mainly the airports in Egypt have a taxi service to town centers, operated on a flat fee basis (ask your airlines). Also, In Cairo transport includes bus, limousine and taxi. The limousine service is offered by Misr Limousine, telephone: 259-9381.

Official Cairo taxis are actually black and white, but in Alexandria taxis are black and orange. There are also Peugeot taxis in a several colors and sizes, but they all have an emblem and number painted on the driver's door. Fees are the same as the limousine service.

The Airport Bus Service operates from Terminal 1. The bus leaves when full and stops at Midan Tahrir in downtown Cairo, in Mohandeseen, and along Pyramids Road in Giza. There are also regular town buses but they are not recommended for they are often too crowded for foreigners.

Driving schools

Driving schools in Egypt

Driving schools teach driving, and road safety.
In the driving schools directory you will find information about road safety, driving knowledge, vehicles and equipment.
A driver training course or high-school driver education program approved by the provincial government can teach you the skills, and attitudes you need to be a safe, and responsible driver.

Traffic schools

Traffic schools in Egypt

Improve your driving skills and possibly get a ticket dismissed or your insurance premium reduced. Taking a traffic schools course can also earn you a discount on your car insurance premiums. And, of course, if your driving skills just need a tune up, you can sign up to improve your driving techniques.

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