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Egypt Attitudes & Behaviour

If you want a trip to Egypt, it's vital not to assume that anyone who approaches you expects to profit from the encounter. However several tourists do, and end up making little contact with an extraordinarily friendly people.

Behaviour and attitude

If some Egyptians treat tourists with contempt, is recommendable to give help, thus your you can avoid rudeness or aggressive behaviour in response to insistent offers or demands. Another thing to take into account is, of the importance of dress, shorts are socially acceptable only at beach resorts (and for women only in private resorts or along the Aqaba coast), shirts (for both sexes) should cover your shoulders.


Many tourists ignore these conventions, unaware of how it demeans them in the eyes of the Egyptians.


If you are obviously taking a photograph of someone, ask their permission, especially in the more remote, rural regions where you can cause negative impressions. Also, You can find people more beautiful with who you can interchange photos. However, be wary of photographing anything militarily sensitive (train stations, bridges, dams, etc).


When invited to a home, it is normal to take your shoes off before entering the reception rooms. It's customary to take a gift, sweet pastries (or tea and sugar in rural areas) are always acceptable. At a communal meal, never use the left hand unless others are doing so.

Webcams in Egypt

If taking a photography is not accepted by majority Egyptian people, sharing a webcam even less. The use of real life cams in Egypt is almost a taboo subject, especially in the religious communities. However the use of public webcams is quite common in traffic control, monuments like pyramids, hotel resorts and other tourist areas.


Currently, the society is changing in Egypt, so the use of webcams could be a common habit in a few years, specially in young people.

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