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Costs, Money and Banks

Once you've arrived, Egypt is an inexpensive and good value destination, except perhaps for Hurghad and Sinai, which are pricier than other parts of Egypt. As a rule, though, providing you avoid luxury hotels or tourist only services, costs for food, transport and accommodation low by European standards. Actually the rate of exchange currently stands at about 5 Egyptian pounds to one pound sterling, and just over 3 Egyptian pounds to 1 US dollar.

If you need more info of Exchange rates visit:
Central bank of egypt
Blom Bank Egypt
Piraeus Bank Egypt


Egypt's basic unit of currency is the Egyptian pound (called a ginay in Arabic, and written as LE or ŁE). It has a rate approx. of US$1 = ŁE3.41, while floating against other hard currencies, whose exchange rates fluctuate.

It is very easy to distinguish between ŁE notes since they bear Arabic numerals on one side, Western numerals on the other, and are colour coded: Example, ŁE1 (brown), ŁE5 (blue), ŁE10 (red), ŁE20 (green), ŁE50 (red), ŁE100 (green). Usually the ŁE100 is never used in everyday life.

The Egyptian pound is divided into 100 piastres, called irsh in Arabic or abbreviated pt. There are 10pt, 25pt and 50pt notes, and variously sized coins to the value of 5pt, 10pt, 20pt, 25pt and 50pt; some 25pt coins have a hole in the middle.

American Express

It has many offices in Cairo and branches in Aswan, Ismailiya, Luxor and Alexandria. All of them can hold client mail and cash Amex travellers' cheques, paying out in Egyptian pounds. Money may be wired to any branch, most of which also allow Amex cardholders to buy travellers' cheques, or cash personal cheques.

American Express Office

• Cairo (downtown): 15 Sharia Qasr el-Nil (telephone 02/574-7991 and fax 578-4003; Nile Hilton (tel 02/578-5001 and fax 578-5003).
• Aswan : c/o Old Cataract Hotel (telephone and fax 097/302-909).
• Ismailiya : c/o Menatours, 12 Sharia Sultan Hussein (telephone 064/324-361).
• Luxor : c/o Winter Palace Hotel (telephone and fax 095/372-862).
• Alexandria : 34 El Moaskar El Romani, Roushdy (telephone 03/541-0177 and fax 545-7363).

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