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Egypt Monuments and Temples

Egypt’s iconic buildings are among the oldest in the world and yet technically far superior to many more recent structures. one says that the most common theory for moving large blocks is to slide logs under the large stones to make mobility easier. Discover the true history inside giant burial mounds, who built the pyramids, their different styles and why they were built.

Around of the 19th century, The price of admission to the monuments of Egypt skyrocketed, and entry costs now form a significant part of travel expenses. At major sites like the Theban Necropolis you could spend £20 or US$30, taking into account such costly one offs as Tutankhamun's tomb and the tomb of Nefertari - not to mention extra charges for the right to take photos inside tombs, or use a video camera. However, visitors qualify for 50 percent reductions on the price of admission tickets (but not photo permits) if they can present an ISIC student card or Go-25 card.

Monuments & Temples

Abu Simbel - Egypt
Abu Simbel

Luxor Temple
Luxor Temple

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