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MAY 21

Fayoum Travel Guide

Eating in Fayoum

The places listed below are the best the city can offer.

Sherif's: Mustapha Kamil, between Bahr Yussef and Sharia Ramleh. Unexceptional kofta, kebab and chicken at average prices.

Milano's: Located in green and yellow place 100m northwest of the tourist office on the Bahr Yussef, where you can get tasty kushari and great ice cream and juices.

Cafeteria el Medina: By the 4 water wheels. The service is good and the food tasty. A full meal costs around of £E25

Queen Hotel: Usually is decorated, with a longish menu. Try the shish tawouq or escalope panée, price around of £E13.

Governorate Club: Situated on north along Bahr Sinnuris. Does excellent kebab and some Western style dishes, with a nice garden out back. Usually Open till 1am.

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