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Folklore in Fayoum

During the festivals in Fayoum, usually the hotels overflow during Ali er-Rubi's moulid in Sha'ban, when the alleys around his mosque are crammed with stalls purveying sugar dolls and horsemen, and all kinds of amusements, while the devout perform zikrs in the courtyard.

Other festival important is the viewing of the new moon that heralds Ramadan. Normally this calls for a big procession from the Gamal Abdel. However is headed by the security forces, followed by imams and sheikhs, a parade of carnival floats, also the work of different professions and bombards spectators with (lucky) prayer leaflets.

During the month of Ramadan, there is a small moulid at the domed white tomb of Sheikha Mariam. But also the Great Feast (starting on the 10th of Zoul Hagga) is a more private occasion, with most eateries closed, so avoid coming then.

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