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Although Egypt is a largely desert terrain it has a wide variety of golf courses embedded in beautiful places that defy the imagination. Golf is one of the most welcome sports in this part of Africa, which is why schools are open continuously; there is luxury clubs with all the amenities needed to make this a magical experience.

Golf lovers can practice in the coasts of the Red Sea and near the Sinai and along the Pyramids of Giza. Currently, Egypt has exclusive first class clubs; these places not only offer the destinations already mentioned, also an unforgettable tour in Luxor. Among the main centers of golf is the Golf Club House which has a 18 hole strategically located, and a small fortress within your facility that offers all the amenities that a tourist can imagine just 15 minutes from the airport Cairo. Typically, most women's clubs will be made one inch shorter in length for each club, and may be designed with more loft on the face than men's clubs. There are certain Differences in Men's and Women's Golf Clubs; for example shafts in women clubs are more flexible than shafts in men because women have slower swing speeds.


Some time ago, a study of the Sports Medicine Unit at the University of Ulm in Germany, claimed that golf was extremely beneficial to prevent cardiovascular diseases in people over forty years. Besides has reduced triglycerides by up to 18% during the course of the game, and the 6% increase in HDL cholesterol (the good cholesterol). On the other hand, in the United States confirmed that young golfers increase muscle tone that is directly associated with weight loss.

That is why many people had joined the legion of fans of the sport so that golf schools have become the sensation of the moment, so every day is open to more of these and each of them offers variety of services not only for those who already know the sport also for novices who are curious. A golf school could be a great place to get golf tips and some advices.

Golf scenarios are very large and surrounded by beautiful scenery, especially in Egypt which has magical places. Golf fans can attend some of the numerous golf courses in the area to receive the basic rules for the sport while enjoying a pleasant and peaceful landscape. Packages that offer golf lessons can be relatively expensive, but there is no doubt that the experience is unique and the final result is fulfilling, since you will not only acquire knowledge about a trendy sport which is very beneficial for health, but also have good moments of relaxation that will surely enhance the quality of life and mood of the visitors.

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