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Health Care in Egypt

If you travel to Egypt itís really important to known the Healthcare situation of this country; and we can say that there is no need for you to worry because Egypt has all types of medical care available; but as Egypt is a developing country, the service is limited.

Many of the specialists in Egypt are trained in USA and they speak English and they generally have Egypt have a high standard of knowledge, even many students from countries in Africa come to study in medical schools in Egypt.

Hospitals and Healthcare in Egypt are financed by public and private sectors that is why many people in Egypt have access to the system of health offered by the government.

The most common and serious diseases in Egypt are: Malaria, hookworm, tuberculosis, typhus and polio; and the influenza that arose in 2010 when the ministry confirmed 102 cases. If youíre facing a health difficulty, you must dial the 123 for an Egyptian ambulance. For this reason, It's very important find a doctor before traveling to Egypt.

Medical schools

Medical schools in Egypt

Developing a sense of service is a great value that you can practice, you only need to find the career that suits your skills; so, medical schools provide you all information about the schools where you can follow Medicine. Their programs include basic medical sciences and clinical sciences; also, after graduating each student is granted a MB BCh (Bachelor of Medicine.) You can find information about internships, specialties that you can continue such as cardiology, endocrinology, nephrology, etc. The career of medicine offers many jobs in hospitals or clinics.

Nursing schools

Nursing schools in Egypt

Be part of a competitive world where you need to show your skills and if your vocation is to help others, nursing career can be a good option. For that, you need to be informed about advantages of this career and nursing schools provide information of prestigious schools where you can apply. The school programs are directed to promote health issues; so, when you finish the career you can obtain a bachelor of science in nursing or an associateís degree in nursing and perform many roles. E.g. nurse practitioners, clinical specialists or nurse educators.

Pharmacy schools

Pharmacy schools in Egypt

Pharmacy is a career that plays an important role in health care because it is directed to investigate and develop new drugs for diseases; so, if you feel attracted to this field you can look for pharmacy schools. You can find information about requirements for admission as well as information about specialties or internships where you can continue with your education. You will be able to make a contribution to your community by working in hospitals, clinics or pharmaceutical companies in the development of new drugs.

Dental schools

Dental schools in Egypt

Pursuing a career that makes you feel a successful person is an important decision that you can choose in your life and Dentistry is this career; for that dental schools provide you information about schools where you can achieve your goal. These schools offer programs where you learn about oral health and obtain a degree in DDS or DMD. Also, you can continue a specialty in periodontics, orthodontics, etc. You can apply all the knowledge that youíve acquired to work in a hospital or in your own office.

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