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Hurghada Travel Guide

Approaches to Hurghada

The town of Hurghada has multiplicity of approaches makes it more accessible than its location suggests. Also the vehicles go flat out along the coastal highway and desert roads, but a full tank of petrol is essential, however there are few pumps en route.

Hurghada from Sinai

Usually, Suez can serve for connections if you can't afford direct transport from Sinai. Normally the early bookings are advised for EgyptAir flights to Hurghada from Sharm el Sheikh, currently departing Monday 3.30am, Saturday 6am and Sunday 11.30pm, price around of US$96.

Hurghada from Cairo

Usually twice daily EgyptAir flights approx. 1hr, price of US$131 one way, need to be booked many days ahead over winter. There are 8 buses daily from the Ahmed Helmi or Turgoman terminals, 3 of them A/C Superjets price around of ŁE47 or 60, the others Upper Egypt ŁE45. However during the morning there may also be service taxis to Hurghada ŁE40 from the Ahmed Helmi depot.

Hurghada from The Nile Valley

Normally, during winter the hordes of travellers come from the city of Luxor, whence there are 5 daily buses, approx. 4hr and the price of ŁE20, via Qena & Safaga. Alternatively, take a service taxi to Qena, walk to another taxi depot and catch a service on to Hurghada, approx 4hr and price of ŁE15. Also there are 3 buses a day from Aswan, approx. 8hr and the price of ŁE35 via Safaga, while a few service taxis cross the desert between Beni Suef & Za'farana, or Qift & El-Quseir.

Hurghada from Alexandria

Superjet on ŁE75 and Upper Egypt on ŁE60, both have one bus daily to Hurghada. EgyptAir fly on Monday & Friday 8.45am, 2hr - US$176 via Sharm el-Sheikh.

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