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MAY 23

Hurghada Travel Guide

Diving Centres in Hurghada

The marine life in Hurghada is broadly similar to that found off the coast of Sinai, however the topography favours island corals over coastal reefs, with sharks, giant moray eels & manta rays in it is deeper, rougher waters.

Some Diving Centres in Hurghada:
Name Telephone Address
Aqua Centre 443781/9 Grand Hotel
Virgin Divers 443751 Grand Hotel
Masters Club 443660 Sonesta Beach Resort
Subex Paradise 547934 Sonesta Resort
Abu Saad Diving Centre 546578 --------------
Magawish Diving Centre 442621-3 Magawish Resort Village
Orca Diving Centre 543710 Hurghada Beach Hotel
Africa 2 Hotel Dive Centre 546779 --------------
Nautico Diving and surfing Centre 548790 Arabia Beach Hotel
Easy Diver Diving Centre 548816-9 Three Corners Village
Happy Diver 547816 Three Corners Village

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