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Hurghada Nightlife

Hurghada is a town that attracts a lot of visitors and travellers from all over the world all year round. Usually the people come to spend holidays here, normally attracted by splendid sights, impressive nature, exotic marine wildlife, restaurants and luxurious hotels that offer native, European and Arabic cuisine, night disco clubs, folk and animation shoes, and a wide range of water sports and outdoors activities. Normally every person that comes here will find activities to his or her individual preferences and tastes, something that fits particular age and health requirements.

Several people prefer to spend hours on end on private hotel beaches, and lazily sit in the sun and enjoy the sea, but those who prefer active life style will never be bored here. You can go for squash, tennis, volleyball or horseback riding, or choose water sports to your liking and go scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing or sailing.

Discos in Hurghada

Some Discos in Hurghada:
Name Address
Giftun Disco El Giftun Village
Starlight Disco Sindbad Beach Resort
La Guitara Sindbad Beach Resort
Bubbles Disco La Perla Hotel
Galaxy Disco Hilton Resort
Rababa Café Friendship Village
Penta disco Princess Club
Kenna Disco La Bambola Hotel

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