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MAY 21

Hurghada Travel Guide

Shopping in Hurghada

Dahar is quite attractive and colourful, has range of tourist stalls. But Also, this is not the place to buy your souvenirs, not at least before you have been to Sigala.

Usually, at Sigala, competition has brought prices down to a good level in Sigala, which means anything between 10% and 50% of Dahar's prices! Normally, A few of the shops have fixed prices, great for all those with fear of being ripped off (and all first time visitors to Egypt should be afraid of that).

Shopping centers in Hurghada

Some Shopping in Hurghada:
Name Address
The Shoppin Center Sheraton Road
Arabia Beach Sharky's Sonesta Beach Resort
Zahran Shop EL Dahar
Shedwan Village Corniche El Nil

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