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Sports and Activities

Normally the fishing is well organized, and equipment and boats to bring you out to the best fields. Expect that one days pleasure will cost you in US$15 approx. Diving is even better organized, and you can both pass a course for all international certificates. The total cost here would be in the area of US$300 or more. However as for hiring of equipment, a daily cost should be budgeted for US$20 per day.

Snorkeling is also a good choice if you get out to one of the islands off Hurghada. With the travel and the simple equipment, price US$15 per day. The submarine travels, with the yellow Sindbad submarine, will cost around US$60 for a one day trip.

Some Sports Centres in Hurghada:

Name Telephone Name Telephone
Arabia Health Club 548790 Conrad International 443250
Giftun Health Center 442665 Three Corners Village 547816
Giftun Village 442666 Ebb & Tide Bowling Center 442944
Hurghada boling Center 442944 Jasmin Village 442450

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