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Hurghada Travel Guide

Transport in Hurghada

Taxis in Hurghada

: The taxis do most of the same as buses, but cost 10 or 20% more, but usually are faster, much because they rarely stop en route.

Air planes in Hurghada

: The town of Hurghada has domestic flights on Cairo, one each day. The town of Hurghada has also several flights on Europe, but these are all chartered.

Buses in Hurghada

: The city of Hurghada has connections with Cairo 7 hours, Suez 5 hours, Qena 3 hours, Luxor 5 hours, Al-Quseir 2 hours, as well as to smaller destinations. Also there are great differences in quality between these, and prices reflect this. Normally, the departures are relatively frequent.

Ferries in Hurghada

: Ferries between Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh do not have the best of reputations. However they are irregular and not comfortable. The travel will at the best take 4 hours, and cost approx. US$25.

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