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Insurance in Egypt

What is an accident? An accident is an event that happens by surprise; they might be either good ones or bad ones.  We are going to talk about the bad ones, for example if you are driving and another car suddenly hits your car from behind, whose fault is it? Maybe the car behind had a malfunction, you lost the control of your car because of a storm and hit another car. Who is going to pay for the damages?

In the 1st case, the foul might be of the other driver and if his/her car is insured the insurance company might take care of the accident expenses and if the car is not insured the owner of the car will have to pay for all the expenses.

In the 2nd case, if your car is insured your insurance company will pay for all the expenses including health and working days.

Insurances will cover all the expenses that you might incur in if the conditions of the contract are met.

There are several kinds of Insurances that cover all risks you might be afraid of. Here we detail the most important types of insurances:

Home Insurance

– There are also a lot of home insurance types. Like the one that covers your house from robbery, the one that covers you house from storm, an earthquake or any other natural disasters, or other that might not cover your house from natural disasters.

According to the policy your house can be protected against robbery or if you rent a house the owner of that house can insure the belongings that are in the house.

The common home insurance comes with two of the most used insurance programs, house-building protection and belongings protection.

You also might not purchase both insurance programs in one company. Find out if in other companies other insurance programs are cheaper and if their policies provide you with the same advantages.

Car Insurance

– As we were talking before, a car insurance is also very important because car accidents are the second cause of death of children between 5 and 14 years of age.

Car insurance will cover the car damage expenses in case of an accident, the medical problems of the people affected by the accident and the legal responsibilities that may involve the accident.

Life Insurance

- Perhaps life insurance is the most popular insurance. Most people have one. This kind of insurance, benefits the family or a person designated by the deceased. People who buy this insurance have to contribute a monthly amount of money to the insurance company and the company will also provide burial help.

Founds that are going to be paid to the beneficiaries of the deceased can be obtained in two ways: one payment only, in which the beneficiaries receive all the money in just one payment; founds can be paid in quotes per life.

Travel insurance

– Imagine that you travel to a country where there is a lot of risk, like the Amazonia or to the Sahara desert, in both cases you may be in trouble if you get sick, a Travel Insurance covers you in other countries in cases like: if you get robbed or sick. The travel insurance will provide you with medical attention if you get sick and provides other options in case of other eventualities that may occur during your trip.

If you are going on vacations you have to purchase travel insurance.

Health insurance

–Health insurance is often purchased because of the risk of getting sick and incur in medical expenses, health insurance can cover some medical conditions but such medical conditions must not be detected before purchasing or contracting the policy.

All in all, it is better if to have insurance in order to have some support.

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