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Getting around Ismailiya

The bus station is located opposite the new Suez Canal University building. Usually the private taxis ŁE2 or ŁE3 or service taxis 50pt, to the bus station leave from the rank outside the train station in the city centre.

Canal Sities: Usually the buses travel via Ismailiya between Port Said, at least hourly 6.45am to 6.45pm, approx 1hr and the price of ŁE5 and Suez (hourly 6.30am to 6pm, 1hr and the price of ŁE4). Normally the service taxis are a bit cheaper (Port Said ŁE4.50, Suez ŁE3.50). A service taxi to Qantara is ŁE1.25.

North Sinai: Normally, the buses leave 6 times a day for El-Arish(8.30am, 9am, 10am, 12pm, 3.30pm and 5pm), price approx. of ŁE10.

Lower Egypt: Usually there are 2 buses daily to Alexandria (7am and 2.30pm, approx. 4hr = ŁE17) and frequent departures for Cairo (every 45min 6.30am-7pm, approx. 2hr = ŁE6.50).

South Sinai: Actually the buses leave throughout the day and night to Sharm el-Sheikh, 6.30am to 00:00 - 6hr, ŁE31), 2 of which carry on to Dahab (2.30pm and midnight - 7 and 8hr, ŁE36).

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