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Job Search in Egypt

According to the national newspaper “Expansion”, 90% of companies are seeking to increase their employment range. The energy, marketing and social media sectors are the most attractive destinations where you can find a job. Since last year, economic growth and employment is improving in the region.

Working in Egypt

Most immigrants are living and working in Cairo, Egypt’s capital. Although a growing number of unemployed foreigners prefer Luxor, Alexandria or the resorts of the Mediterranean Sea. Believe it or not, job search in Egypt is kind of difficult. First of all, if you want to travel to Egypt, you will need a visa. For permanent jobs a work permit will be necessary, but this is usually handled by the employer.

If you want to settle there and enjoy the Egyptian lifestyle, then you must be willing to socialize with Egyptians and foreigners. Once you find the right job, write a good resume that describes your skills and career accomplishments. You must be prepared for your future job interviews in order to get a job.

Likewise, it’s important to write a cover letter, this is your one chance to attract employers´ attention. When you write the letter, show enthusiasm and desire to help the company reach its goals. The cover letter is as important as the resume, and it often becomes the first document employers read so make it brief, concise and convincing. Reading some job application letter templates you understand better the importance to make a well-written cover letter.

It’s not only about mentioning your interest in the job position, you also have to demonstrate it during the job interview, to give a good impression read all the information you can get about the company and its services or products carefully, this way employers will get your interest and professionalism.

Online resume examples

Compare your resume to online resume examples. Write meaningful information such as your previous experiences, skills, achievements and so on. Plus, don’t forget to write references and personal details like the ones on the resume sample. Personal information must be at the top of the sheet and don´t forget to place your educational background, job experience, and add some references too.

People who want to improve their resume can search resume templates online, which provide many resumes categorized by profession. We recommend you use templates if this is your first job search.

To conclude, Egypt gives you exciting job offers to pursue a career in business, management and technology. If these challenges inspire you, don’t miss this opportunity!

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