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Languages in Egypt

There are many languages spoken in Egypt, but Egyptian, Latin, Greek, and Arabic are the most used languages in this country. In 1971, Arabic was designated as the official language of Egypt, since then this language has grown to be the modern expression of the country. Each city has a different dialect that characterizes them around Egypt, however, many Egyptian people speak French since most educational institutions use English, French and German to teach to keep a standard in Education.   To get a better idea of the richness of languages in Egypt, there are twelve languages listed in Egypt, of which eleven are living languages and one has been extinguished.

The Old Egyptian language survived until the fifth century AD, this language belonged to the languages of the Afro Asiatic family. Arabic has been for thirteen centuries the spoken and written language of Egypt; although Egyptian Arabic is currently the most commonly spoken language of Egypt, Coptic, a language derived from the Ancient Egyptian language was used by Arabic and Egyptian alike.

Language schools in Egypt

There are many languages schools in Cairo, the capital of Egypt; most of them offer English programs. Some Egyptian universities even offer to study extinct languages of ancient Egypt; a very useful tool for students whose academic purposes require learning it, since a lot of books are written in this language.

Taking Arabic courses in Egypt, the best way to learn this language, allows foreign students to delve in their culture and get a better understanding of it. However, life in Egypt is very expensive, although many British universities have a department there making researches in archeology.

The most non-expensive way to study Egyptian languages is online, there are many sites online where you can learn Arabic as if you were in Egypt. Most online courses are free and very practical, people can learn at their own pace. Online languages are booming, many universities decide to have a web site for their language department.

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