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Temple of Esna

Temple of Esna

The Temple of Esna was built in Greco Roman times by the Ptolemies. Cleopatra was the last of the Ptolomy Pharaohs. The remains of the Temple of Esna sit in a deep hole that represents the 2000 year accumulation of debris from the local city. The Temple of Esna is located to 485 miles (776Km) south of Cairo and lies on the west bank of the Nile. Esna was the ancient city of Senat, called Latopolis by the Greeks. The “town of the fish” where the Nile perch was worshipped. Temple of Esna

Actually is very famous for its river barrage and as a result, it is a stop over for most of the cruise boats. However, Esna, which was buried beneath its own debris for many centuries, is situated in the centre of the city, close to the River Nile and only a short walk from your boat, through the local market.

The Temple of Esna is dedicated to the ram headed God Khnum, the God of creation. Also the remains of the Temple contain a hall of columns, with only 24 pillars, beautifully decorated with lotus and palm capitals. The walls are covered with four rows of relief’s, showing Ptolemaic and Roman Emperors dressed in Pharaoh costumes, sacrificing to the God of the Temple. On both sides of the Temple entrance there are chambers that were used by the priests and keepers of the Temple as storerooms.

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