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Arrival to Luxor

Luxor - the Thebes of history and now a thriving town of about 80,000 people. Arrival and departure point for a significant proportion of all visitors to Egypt. On arrival at the airport, if you already have your visa, go straight to passport control. Passport control is on the right hand side of the arrival hall. If you have not bought your visa in advance, you will need to get it before you go to the passport control desk.

Getting a Visa

Usually the Visas are now available from the several banks in the arrival hall, as you enter the airport terminal building. Normally the Visas cost 15 US dollars or the equivalent in another acceptable currency.

The Euro 10 is worth more than $1.5. The Visas are self-adhesive stamps that are stuck in your passport. Once you have your visa, queue at the passport control desk in the same hall. Normally many tour agents also sell visas, sometimes asking for 10 but not giving change, 12 or even 15. Recommend: British pounds, US dollars and Euros are acceptable but Egyptian pounds are not.

Passport Control

If your these in passport control you hand over your passport and the landing card that you should have been given on the plane.

The landing card is retained, your visa is rubber stamped and your passport returned. Habitually a few yards beyond passport control someone else checks that your visa has been stamped!. After passport control, continue through to baggage reclaim, in an adjoining room.
Passport Control - Luxor

Police Registration

Usually the visitors from most countries are required to register with the local police within a week of arrival in Egypt. USA, Canadian and European nationals are not required to register. If you are from another country and do have to register, your hotel may do this for you.

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