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Drinking in Luxor

Luxor is an Islamic city, and normally it's forbidden for Muslims to sell, buy or consume alcohol. But usually the Egyptians are tolerant towards foreigners with money, however the hotel and restaurants which are not Muslim owned will happily sell and consume alcohol.

Usually in shops which sell cola, if you are maybe discreet, normally the owner will be able to locate some of the locally brewed Stella for LE 10-15. In luxor the red wine is palatable, but not recommended. For spirits, you can choose between extortionate tourist prices for imported vodka, or to bring some from home.

If you are unsure about drinking Egyptian teas (we sometimes struggle with them, especially flavoured varieties) just ask for a Coke, Sprite or Fanta. Obviously they hope you buy something from them but you are under no obligation and by just sitting and having a chat you can learn so much about the Egyptian way of life in a very short time. Have a wander around the city and buy a few bits and pieces, if you want to, and there is always a taxi or calash nearby to take you back to your hotel.

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