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Eating in Luxor

In Luxor, finding good places to eat, is no problem. But there are not as several good choices for budget tourists as for hotels. The best places are behind the Luxor Temple and the Sharia Mohammad Farid. Normally a full three course meal should cost around of EŁ20 including a soft drink.

Eating in Luxor

If you wish exclusive eating, the good hotels are the places to search. However several of these are not exciting, unfortunately, perhaps relaying on some sort of loyalty from the hotel guests. But the city of Luxor has also at least one fantastic place, oddly enough the Japanese restaurant Miyako at the Sonesta St. George Hotel. For anyone getting used to Egyptian prices, it is chillingly expensive, but most of the food it is simply delicious. Eating in Luxor

Fast food

Some of places of fast food is McDonalds is located in Luxor Temple in the centre of city. However almost next door are more variety, excellent prices, more recently fitted out and excellent views. At the other end of town Pizza Hut and KFC are together by the roundabout just beyond the Isis hotel.


For a snack in city you have a choice of 5 Nile side restaurants and a bowling club along the lower corniche. We prefer the El Kababgy, opposite the Old Winter Palace. For a low cost snack in town but without the Nile-side views try Sinbad, between McDonalds and the Mercure Inn.

Restaurant in Luxor - El Kababgy: An excellent Nile-side restaurant, open from 8.30am until after midnight, providing excellent meals for prices that are not the lowest by any means but fair, bearing in mind the location and the views.

Restaurant in Luxor - Casablanca: It opened in September 2006 opposite Snobs, in the side road opposite the Lotus hotel and local swimming pool. Casablanca seats about 26 in a rather regimented layout within a well-presented room, constrained by its small size. The menu is promoted as seafood and oriental. There is indeed a good variety of seafood and, as well as oriental dishes, there are a few traditional options, such as pizzas and steaks, but no desserts.

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