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Luxor Shopping:

There is plenty to buy in the city of Luxor and shopping is a lively experience very pleasant. Usually decide what you want to pay and be prepared to haggle. Normally the Silverware is well priced in Luxor and alabaster figures, bowls and candle holders are made here near the Valley of the Kings and really very beautiful.

In the city of luxor, of course there are several statues and other souvenirs of this wonderful town, the quality of which does vary, so it is better to shop around before purchasing. Shopkeepers want your business so they will call you to their premises but they are mostly genuinely friendly and kind, so a gentle push back if you are not interested is sufficient.
Luxor Shopping

Is preferable to take plenty of cash!!, because very few shops take credit cards.

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Aboudy Bookshop

If you want to buy books then the Aboudi Bookshop next to the Winter Palace is the best in town. Here you will find a selection of both Egyptian and foreign newspapers (German/English/French) all at a fixed price.

King Mina Bazaar

This shop is great for 2 reasons:
1. You are left in peace to browse.
2. The souvenirs are good quality and not like other shops goods that I saw in Luxor.

Luxor is not a beautiful town, it is really more of a large village. The town streets south of the Luxor Temple are the most active, with normal shops, some cafes, some cheap (but good) restaurants and crowds of locals in the evenings.

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