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MAY 20

Luxor Travel Guide

Tourism in Luxor

Today, several visitors fly directly to Luxor. In recent years its tone has been set by independent travellers rather than package tourists, especially by young backpackers travelling through the Middle East, whose Egyptian itinerary is confined to Aswan, Luxor, Hurghada and Dahab. Also, if the recovery in package tourism continues, the balance may tip in the other direction. Meanwhile, though, Luxor remains a kind of Goa on the Nile.

Some travellers or tourists always expect to get the cheapest price as a matter of right. Usually the hoteliers, felucca captains and salesmen earn good money one day.

Tourism Offices in Luxor

Tourist Information - Nile St. Phone (095 382215)
Luxor Airport. Phone (095 383294)

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