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Transport in Luxor

The city of Luxor is served by an international airport, Luxor International Airport. Recently a bridge was designed a few miles upstream of the main city of Luxor, allowing ready land access from the East Bank to the West Bank.

Usually the river crossings have been the domain of many ferry services. The so called 'local ferry', continues to operate from a landing opposite the Temple of Luxor. The single fare (March 2007) is 1 L.E. per passenger. However this ferry is mainly used by the locals although a number of braver foreigners do use it. Alternatively feluccas line the East Bank of the Nile all day providing a cheap and leisurely sail to the other side.

Also for domestic travel along the route of the Nile, a rail service operates twice a day. A morning train and sleeping train can be taken from the station located around one mile from Luxor Temple. The line runs between several major destinations, including Aswan to the South and Cairo to the north.

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