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Not only are 2 temples in Abu Simbel, however was an historic event in itself. However when the temples (280 km from Aswan) were threatened to submerge in Lake Nasser, due to the new construction of the High Dam, the Egyptian Government secured the support of UNESCO and launched a world wide appeal.

In the salvage operation which began from 1964 to 1968, the 2 temples were dismantled and raised around of 60 meters up the sandstone cliff where they had been built more than 3,000 years before. However the most of the joins in the stone have now been filled by antiquity experts, but inside the temples it is still possible to see where the blocks were cut. You can also go inside the man made dome and see an exhibition of photographs showing the different stages of the massive removal project.

Abu Simbel was first reported by J.L. Burckhardt on 1813 year, when he came over the mountain and only saw the facade of the great temple as he was preparing to leave that area via the Nile. The 2 temples, that of Ramesses II primarily dedicated to Re-Harakhte, and that of his wife, Nefertari dedicated specially to Hathor, became a must see for Victorians visiting Egypt, even though it required a trip up the Nile, and often they were covered deeply in sand, as they were when Burckhardt found them.

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